Forrest Place Stages 3A & 3B

Client: City of Perth Date: 2011-2012 Project OverviewThe project is part of the redevelopment of Forrest Place within the heart of the City. Major streetscape, roadworks, granite paving, lighting and water feature is part of the master plan. Lightning Brick’s scope included demolition of existing paving, granite direct stick paving, concrete footings, and granite paving […]

Riverside Waterbank Forward Works Stages 2 & 3

Client: Broad Construction, Brierty Date: 2013 Project Overview The project is part of the forward works for the redevelopment of the Riverside precinct by The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA). Lightning Brick’s scope included the supply and installation of COP paving, kerbing and concrete. Safety and environmental management were implemented to the highest standard.

Westrac Parts Distribution Centre

Client: Broad ConstructionDate: 2013 Project OverviewThe project involved building a large factory facility with access roads the perimeter for very large machinery and trucks. Lightning Brick’s scope was to supply and install 13000sqm of heavy duty road paving around the building during the construction. This involved a large amount of interaction and coordination with other […]

Nettleton Rd, Byford

Client: Brierty Date: October 2014 – December 2014 Project Overview The project was the construction of a large urban subdivision. Lightning Brick’s scope was the supply and installation of 5500sqm of 80mm road pave, paving to all roadway access points.